Having over 90 years of experience in the trade, certain key concepts and terminology have become second nature to us. In order to equip you with the essential tools to make an informed decision while selecting fabrics from our extensive range, we have highlighted some key points below. You can always get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

Long Staple Cotton

In the Textile Industry, Staple refers to the length of the cotton fibre. Long staple cotton means that the cotton has long fibres and hence the resulting yarn which is made by joining these fibres have less joints (connections). Thus the strength increases as well as the shine/sheen and it also gives a smooth hand feel.

Egyptian and Supima Cotton are both examples of Long Staple Cotton yarns. Both of these guarantee the highest levels of purity in making the fabric which gives brighter, deeper and more resistant colors apart from softer, finer, stronger and more luxurious fabrics. Egyptian and Supima cotton have to be sourced from the authorized agencies in Egypt and USA, who issue certificates and licenses to use these yarn in their looms. All the fabrics that we manufacture and sell have either the Egyptian or Supima Cotton licensees, which our customers can then use to market their end-products.