Having over 90 years of experience in the trade, certain key concepts and terminology have become second nature to us. In order to equip you with the essential tools to make an informed decision while selecting fabrics from our extensive range, we have highlighted some key points below. You can always get in touch with us if you would like to know more.


We can provide the following finishes to any of the fabrics we manufacture.

  • ETI – Easy to iron. Wrinkle less
  • Speedy Iron - Easy to iron. Wrinkle less
  • Wrinkle Free - Highly wrinkle resistant. Easy to wash and iron. S A Rating / DP rating 2.0-3
  • Stain free - No stains on the fabric. Water, oils, stains rolls off the fabric
  • Organic cotton - Sustainable yarn which is soft and absorbent
  • NINA – Non iron Non Ammonia finish creaseless appearance. Easy to wash
  • Actifresh – Fressness or Antiodour finish
  • Aroma – Different fragrance finishes as per requirement like lavender etc.
  • Antimicrobial – Easy on skin with comfortable feeling. Acts as a deodorant for long lasting freshness
  • Cool and Comfort – Moisture management finish to keep you cool by testing the absorbency, surface evaporate rate.
  • NanoTex – Basically a stain guard finish which is Oil and water repellant. Good air permability
  • Vitamin E – Health care functional finish
  • Chemical Peach – Smooth feather touch finish
  • American Soft – Soft finish
  • American Crisp - Crispy effect
  • Dura White – Whiteness and Brightness remain for multiple washes
  • Stiff finish – Permanent stiffness with super surface smoothness and crease resistance